Marty Miller

Episode 27 – Marty Miller

The 738am podcast with Andrew Mangan

6th July, 2015 50'

The radio world in Ireland is quite small, and considering the stations he’s been at – and when – it was a surprise to me that I’d never met Marty Miller before.

It turns out that his departure from East Coast radio in 1994 more or less left the door open for me to take his job in the production department there the following year. Having begun his career in FM104, there doesn’t seem to be a station he hasn’t worked for in the meantime, either on air or as part of the production team (or both).

We chat about the various stations, the positions, his love of radio since the age of 8, working alongside his wife Dee Woods on the Nova breakfast show at the moment, why social media is so important to radio stations and presenters these days, and loads more.

You can obviously listen to Marty Miller in the mornings on Nova 100 (, and you can follow him on Twitter @MartyMtweets.

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