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Episode 51 – Tara Flynn redux

The 738am podcast with Andrew Mangan

21st December, 2015 65'

It’s an absolute pleasure to welcome Tara Flynn back to the show this week. We first ‘casted way back in episode 2, and so much has happened since that I had to ask her back on.

In that first episode we talked a bit about social issues, such as the marriage referendum, and this year Tara spoke and wrote very openly and eloquently about her experience of abortion.

In the Irish Times, she wrote, “This is none of your business. I don’t want to share this any more than I want to share any other of my private medical details. TMI, you’re thinking, and you’re right: this is too much information. I’m angry that I have to share it. Scared. But if I don’t, I’m allowing myself to be silenced by the judgment of others. We’ve had enough of that here.”

You can read the full piece here, and in this podcast we talk about being so up-front with her personal experiences, and how it’s making sure that what is an important subject is spoken about properly.

We discuss the repeal of the 8th amendment, the realities that face Irish women who are denied medical treatment in their own country and who are forced travel abroad, and why this is a subject that has to be addressed, even if the reaction to it is still unpleasant and visceral in some quarters.

We also talk about Star Wars, great TV, and Tara’s very funny new book: Giving out yards – the art of complaint Irish style. It’s available in all good bookshops, like the Gutter Bookshops in Temple Bar and Dalkey, and Blackbird Books in Navan, so if you’re looking for a Christmas book for someone, this is exactly what you want.

It’s a great chat, thanks to Tara for being so forthright and for giving me an hour of her time … again!

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Also, here’s the link to the Roisin Ingle piece referenced in the podcast.