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Episode 57 – Belinda McKeon

The 738am podcast with Andrew Mangan

8th February, 2016 63'

My guest on the show this week is writer Belinda McKeon. Her debut novel ‘Solace’ (2011), won the Irish Book of the Year award at the Irish book awards, and her second book ‘Tender’ was published last year.

Having read both of them very recently, and really enjoyed them, it was great to chat with Belinda about the books, writing, teaching and more.

She lives in New York and teaches creative writing at Rutgers University, so we chat about that; how being online so much has affected her memory; working as a journalist and what she learned from those years; moving from Longford to Dublin at the age of 17 to go to Trinity; a year of insomnia due to anxiety; social awkwardness; her writing processes, and loads more.

You’ll find links to the books below, and if you want to follow Belinda on Twitter it’s @belindamckeon and her official website is here.

Book links

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Photo by Hiroki Kobayashi