Sile Seoige podcast

Episode 59 – Síle Seoige

The 738am podcast with Andrew Mangan

22nd February, 2016 60'

This week I was delighted to be joined by Síle Seoige, radio presenter, TV presenter, MC, actress, singer, yoga teacher … she does a lot.

We chat about her media career, starting at 19 and being thrown in at the very deep end with little or no training. We touch on dealing with life in the public eye, and how she caught the eye of a major Hollywood director.

And we talk about how her diagnosis and recovery from cancer has given her a new perspective on her professional and personal life, her spirituality, and how and why yoga has helped. Síle chats too about her love of singing and music, and how that’s something she’d like to do more of in the future.

It was great fun to talk to her, so I really hope you enjoy this episode.

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