Andy Preston podcast

Episode 60 – Andy Preston

The 738am podcast with Andrew Mangan

1st March, 2016 62'

Sorry this episode is a day late. I try my best to stick to the Monday schedule, but sometimes life, work, or more work or extra life gets in the way. Still, I think the fact we had an election last Friday and I’ve got a new episode out on a Tuesday before they’ve finished counting all the votes puts it in perspective.

My guest today is Andy Preston who, if you’re an FM 104 listener, you’ll know well because he’s been behind the mic there for over 20 years!

I don’t think we ever worked on the same station at the same time, but we definitely have Radio Dublin in common when it comes to our radio CV. Andy talks about how he started his career and gained his interest in radio from his Dad; his time at Radio Dublin; moving to Sunset when that station took off in the early 90s, and his eventual move to FM 104.

He’s clearly a glutton for punishment because he’s still gigging around town in clubs and bars, although the upside of that these days is that you’re not wandering around looking for a taxi afterwards with 100KG of vinyl. Them was days, Joxer.

It was great to catch up with Andy, even if he is a Sp*rs fan, and you can hear him every day on FM 104 between 10-3, or follow hin on Twitter @andypreston104