Morgan Jones podcast

Episode 61 – Morgan Jones

The 738am podcast with Andrew Mangan

8th March, 2016 75'

When a man brings his own headphones to an interview, you know you’re about to sit down with somebody interesting.

Morgan C Jones is an actor, writer, producer, voice-over artist, stand-up comedian and probably a few others things as well. We chat about why he brings his own cans to interviews and VO sessions, and discover he’s revisiting our studio after a significant absence.

We discuss his work over the years and how going to film school opened up his desire to be an actor; why he got into and gave up stand-up comedy; his voice-over work; and how, after something of an absence, he got back into the acting world, appearing in shows like Game of Thrones, Vikings and Ripper Street.

We also touch on how he keeps his professional and political personas separate on Twitter, and lots more. It’s good stuff, and thanks to Morgan for coming in and giving me some of his time.

You can follow him @funnydub or @mcj66

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