Ciaran Murphy podcast

Episode 63 – Ciaran Murphy

The 738am podcast with Andrew Mangan

22nd March, 2016 59'

My guest on the show today is the third member of the Second Captains crew to drop into studio. After Eoin McDevitt (ep 11) and Ken Early (ep 15), Ciaran ‘Murph’ Murphy is next to chat about his rise to internet broadcasting based stardom.

We talk about how he got started in the media as family connections inspired and then employed him. A stint in DCU proved important as he met one of the current Second Captains crew, and then got a placement in Newstalk which led to him becoming part of the Off The Ball team.

Since then much has happened, from the departure from Newstalk to the Irish Times, TV shows, posting books to Kalamazoo and much more. We may even get an auto-tuned insight into the next big thing, listen to find out more.

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