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Episode 64 – Dion Fanning

The 738am podcast with Andrew Mangan

4th April, 2016 67'

Hey folks, sorry for the delay between the last episode and this one. Sometimes life and work and other stuff you can’t move gets in the way.

My guest today is journalist Dion Fanning. He’s a hugely experienced football writer, and for many years was the Chief Football Writer at the Sunday Independent.

Now, he’s left London after 20 years to return to Ireland to take up the position of Chief Sports Writer for SportsJoe.ie and Joe.co.uk. It’s a fairly seismic move in this ever-changing modern media landscape, so I wanted to chat to him about how and why it all went down – especially given his deep connection with the Sunday Independent for so long.

We also talk about journalism and how that has changed down the years, the modern football fan online, lots of other media and football stuff, and loads more.

You can follow Dion on Twitter @dionfanning

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