Simon Maher podcast

Episode 65 – Simon Maher

The 738am podcast with Andrew Mangan

11th April, 2016 66'

Simon Maher was one of the original founders of Phantom, the popular ‘Indie’ radio station. It began in a bedroom, moved to a garden shed, and after many years of trying, was awarded a licence in 2004.

Due to an objection by another party, the station’s launch was delayed for almost two years, before it hit the airwaves in 2006.

At first things looked rosy, then CRASH went the CRASH and that had an impact on everyone, Phantom were no exception. The difficulties the radio station faced meant decisions had to be made, and they weren’t always the right ones – although hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I chat to Simon about his love of radio and what sparked his interest in the industry. We chat about Phantom from its inception throughout those difficult years, and ultimately his departure. Could things have been done differently? Would it have made any difference?

And in the wake of the announcement that TXFM is to close down, is there room for another ‘Phantom’ type station under the current structures? Is a new model needed for specialist interest radio?

We also discuss his latest project – – an online service that does broadcast on FM via a temporary licence throughout the year.

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