Jim O'Neill podcast

Episode 66 – Jim O’Neill

The 738am podcast with Andrew Mangan

18th April, 2016 49'

Jim O’Neill has one of the most distinctive voices on Irish radio. It’s deep man, deeeeeep.

Depending on your age you might remember him from RTE Radio 2 with his sidekick ‘Thing’, or from his time with Century Radio or 98FM.

Today he’s with Today FM presenting ‘On the road’, classic anthems and great driving music. We chat about his start in radio, why RTE bosses got rid of his Thing character, his time working with Chris Cary at Nova International, his love of music (to play as a DJ and a musician), living in South Africa and voice-tracking his show from there, and lots more.

You can catch on the road every Sunday night on Today FM at 7pm.