Adam Buxton podcast

Episode 67 – Adam Buxton

The 738am podcast with Andrew Mangan

26th April, 2016 75'

On this week’s show it was a pleasure to chat with Adam Buxton. Normally the podcasts are recorded in our studio in Dublin, but because Adam was not, and is not to this day, in Dublin, we used a service called ipDTL which makes it sound like we’re in the same place.

I wanted to talk to him not simply because he is a very talented and entertaining man, but also because he’s a huge David Bowie fan. This is because I am also a huge David Bowie fan. Not in terms of physical size, neither of us are huge like like an ogre or a planet, but we both just love him.

So, we chat about that, Bowie’s music and films, his other-worldliness, and his influence as an artist. I explain why I didn’t like The Revenant, we try and uncover the correct term for a specific physical affliction, Adam’s own excellent podcast – which you can find here – and lots more besides.

It was a fun chat, and I really hope you enjoy it.

Find Adam on Twitter @adambuxton or visit the official Adam Buxton website of Adam Buxton.

Pic via Guardian