Dee Woods podcast

Episode 68 – Dee Woods

The 738am podcast with Andrew Mangan

3rd May, 2016 56'

Many of you are married. Many of you kiss the other half goodbye in morning, go to work, and regale each other with stories of the day when you reunite over dinner in the evening.

Dee Woods does not. She goes to work every day with her husband, Marty Miller (episode 27) to do Morning Glory, the breakfast show on Radio Nova.

Dee and Marty in the morning have become a fixture of morning radio in Dublin, and it’s fair to say they do have some chemistry, all things considered! I chat to Dee about how her ambitions lay in journalism before she began her radio career, making the progression from the news room to behind the mic as a presenter.

We chat about the challenges of breakfast radio, those early starts, and working with the other half. There’s also a quite brilliant voice-over in a camper van story in there too.

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