Kevin Branigan podcast

Episode 58 – Kevin Branigan

16th February, 2016

Chief Executive of Radio Nova 100 in Dublin, Kevin Branigan, drops in to chat about the old days of pirate radio in Dublin, Kiss FM, being raided, and what the plans are for the future.

16th February, 2016 71'

Belinda McKeon podcast

Episode 57 – Belinda McKeon

8th February, 2016

This week I'm joined by writer Belinda McKeon to talk about life in New York, writing, how being online is affecting her memory, her novels Solace and Tender, and much more.

8th February, 2016 63'

Tracy Clifford podcast

Episode 56 – Tracy Clifford

1st February, 2016

2FM presenter Tracy Clifford is in studio to talk about her radio career, from East Coast to the Spin breakfast show, and now the afternoon gig in RTE.

1st February, 2016 58'

Mike Moloney on the 738am podcast

Episode 55 – Mike Moloney

25th January, 2016

Radio legend Mike Moloney comes into studio to chat about his life behind the mic, the pirates, Kung-Fu IRA men, Radio Nova, his years in 2FM, and lots more.

25th January, 2016 76'

Jonathan Ryan podcast

Episode 54 – Jonathan Ryan

18th January, 2016

I'm joined this week by legendary voice-over artist and actor Jonathan Ryan. A podcast full of tales, stories and behind the mic goodness

18th January, 2016 71'

Cormac Battle

Episode 53 – Cormac Battle

12th January, 2016

Former Kerbdog frontman, turned radio presenter, Cormac Battle talks music, record deals, touring, Kilkenny, radio, social media and lots more.

12th January, 2016 69'

Leagues O'Toole

Episode 52 – Leagues O’Toole

4th January, 2016

Writer and promoter Leagues O'Toole talks about gigs, acts, magazine publication via Foggy Notions, his Planxty documentary and much more.

4th January, 2016 51'

Tara Flynn podcast

Episode 51 – Tara Flynn redux

21st December, 2015

Tara Flynn returns to the podcast, and a lot has happened since we first spoke in episode 2 last year. There's lots to discuss, and Tara is very open and honest about the last 12 months and beyond.

21st December, 2015 65'

Alison Spittle podcast

Episode 50 – Alison Spittle

14th December, 2015

In Episode 50 I chat with comedian Alison Spittle about life, comedy, drowning your own creations and lots more.

14th December, 2015 55'

Nails Mahoney podcast

Episode 49 – Nails Mahoney

7th December, 2015

Radio veteran Nails Mahoney comes in to chat about his career in the industry, and has lots of great advice and tips for aspiring presenters. A must listen.

7th December, 2015 51'