Episode 8 – Mark Pollock

17th February, 2015

The inspirational Mark Pollock talks about the challenges he faces, and the future as a pioneer exploring the frontiers of spinal cord injury recovery.

17th February, 2015 57'


Episode 7 – Pat O’Mahony

10th February, 2015

Pat O'Mahony talks about his career in radio and TV presentation, his work as a producer on both those media, and loads more.

10th February, 2015 1hr 10'

Shane Hegarty podcast interview

Episode 6 – Shane Hegarty

2nd February, 2015

Shane Hegarty talks about how he moved from the world of journalism to best selling young adult author.

2nd February, 2015 48'


Episode 5 – Tom Dunne

27th January, 2015

Former Something Happens front-man, and Newstalk radio presenter, Tom Dunne on life behind the mic in two very different ways.

27th January, 2015 1hr 10'

John Connolly podcast interview

Episode 4 – John Connolly

12th January, 2015

Best selling author John Connolly on growing up, leaving a job he hated to write, his own writing processes, the success of the Charlie Parker novels and lots more.

12th January, 2015 1hr 12'


Happy New Year

31st December, 2014

31st December, 2014


Episode 3 – Jim Carroll

10th December, 2014

Ireland's best music journalist Jim Carroll talks about his career from the Civil Service, to A&R man, to blogger, podcast banter specialist and much more.

10th December, 2014 1hr 17'

Tara Flynn podcast

Episode 2 – Tara Flynn

3rd December, 2014

Tara Flynn comes in talk about comedy, writing, acting, voice-overs, why she's become something of an activist and her new book 'You're grand - The Irishwoman's secret guide to life'.

3rd December, 2014 1hr 08'


Episode 1 – Rick O’Shea

24th November, 2014

2FM presenter Rick O'Shea on his radio life, taking in hospital radio, Atlantic 252, FM104, RTE and where he got that name.

24th November, 2014 1hr 09'


The 738am Podcast

19th November, 2014

19th November, 2014