Episode 67 – Adam Buxton

The 738am podcast with Andrew Mangan

26th April, 2016 75'

Comedian, writer, podcaster, David Bowie fan, and maker of the world's catchiest podcast theme tune, Adam Buxton talks about all that stuff, and more.

Tara Flynn podcast

Episode 51 – Tara Flynn redux

21st December, 2015

Tara Flynn returns to the podcast, and a lot has happened since we first spoke in episode 2 last year. There's lots to discuss, and Tara is very open and honest about the last 12 months and beyond.

21st December, 2015 65'

Alison Spittle podcast

Episode 50 – Alison Spittle

14th December, 2015

In Episode 50 I chat with comedian Alison Spittle about life, comedy, drowning your own creations and lots more.

14th December, 2015 55'


Episode 40 – Dara O’Briain

5th October, 2015

The awesome Dara O'Briain drops in to chat comedy, social media, bread wars, and much more.

5th October, 2015 63'

Marc Maron - Andrew Mangan 738am podcast

Episode 36 – Marc Maron

4th September, 2015

The host of the world famous WTFpod, Marc Maron, is in studio and it's amazing. The full story is contained in the podcast.

4th September, 2015 1hr 05'

Jarlath Regan on the 738am podcast

Episode 31- Jarlath Regan

3rd August, 2015

The presenter of An Irishman Abroad comes in to chat about his podcast, how he prepares for his guests, his overlapping career as a stand-up comedian and lots more. A must for all podcast fans.

3rd August, 2015 1hr 09'

Joe Rooney podcast

Episode 9 – Joe Rooney

27th February, 2015

Joe Rooney chats about his time in a band, working dead-end jobs, and life as an on the road comedian. And has some exciting news about a show of his own.

27th February, 2015 56'

Tara Flynn podcast

Episode 2 – Tara Flynn

3rd December, 2014

Tara Flynn comes in talk about comedy, writing, acting, voice-overs, why she's become something of an activist and her new book 'You're grand - The Irishwoman's secret guide to life'.

3rd December, 2014 1hr 08'