Episode 67 – Adam Buxton

The 738am podcast with Andrew Mangan

26th April, 2016 75'

Comedian, writer, podcaster, David Bowie fan, and maker of the world's catchiest podcast theme tune, Adam Buxton talks about all that stuff, and more.

Belinda McKeon podcast

Episode 57 – Belinda McKeon

8th February, 2016

This week I'm joined by writer Belinda McKeon to talk about life in New York, writing, how being online is affecting her memory, her novels Solace and Tender, and much more.

8th February, 2016 63'

Leagues O'Toole

Episode 52 – Leagues O’Toole

4th January, 2016

Writer and promoter Leagues O'Toole talks about gigs, acts, magazine publication via Foggy Notions, his Planxty documentary and much more.

4th January, 2016 51'

Tara Flynn podcast

Episode 51 – Tara Flynn redux

21st December, 2015

Tara Flynn returns to the podcast, and a lot has happened since we first spoke in episode 2 last year. There's lots to discuss, and Tara is very open and honest about the last 12 months and beyond.

21st December, 2015 65'

Colm Tobin podcast

Episode 42 – Colm Tobin

19th October, 2015

Writer, animator, TV producer, and Twitter legend Colm Tobin stops in to chat about his new book and lots more.

19th October, 2015 47'

Paul O'Brien on the 738am podcast

Episode 38 – Paul O’Brien

21st September, 2015

Writer of the Blood Red Turns Dollar Green trilogy, Paul O'Brien, talks books, writing, the big con behind professional wrestling and much more.

21st September, 2015 58'

Louise O'Neill on the 738am podcast

Episode 37 – Louise O’Neill

14th September, 2015

Author Louise O'Neill talks about her two books 'Only ever yours' and 'Asking for it', her life as a writer, and lots more.

14th September, 2015 51'

Jax Miller - 738am podcast

Episode 35 – Jax Miller

31st August, 2015

Jax Miller, author of Freedom's Child, talks very openly and candidly about the heartbreak that prompted her to write the book, and lots more.

31st August, 2015 49'

Lisa McInerney - The Glorious Heresies

Episode 32 – Lisa McInerney

10th August, 2015

A prolific blogger turned novelist, Lisa McInerney (Sweary Lady) talks about her journey from Internet to print and her first book 'The Glorious Heresies'

10th August, 2015 51'

Donal Ryan podcast

Episode 29 – Donal Ryan

20th July, 2015

Author Donal Ryan chats about his books 'The Spinning Heart' & 'The Thing about December', his influences, writing process and loads more.

20th July, 2015 52'32