Now we can go out in public

Castaway - the podcast network

Since our launch in January 2015, we’ve had a functional, if not particularly pretty website.

I suppose it’s a bit like only owning a pair of old, mud-stained pants and Shakin’ Stevens t-shirt. It’ll do the job, but you’d be pretty self-conscious about wearing them out in public.

Thankfully though, we’ve got ourselves some new digital threads. The entire website has been redesigned from top to bottom, and we think it looks good. We’re strutting through the online streets saying ‘Yeah, how do you like me now?!”

Ok, we’re not, but it’s a big improvement. The individual show pages (e.g Not Now, Cato) are better and more organised, while the episode pages are improved with the player at the top, share buttons at the bottom, and a comment system that uses Facebook so you don’t have sign up, register or make up an email to let us know what you think.

And, of course, the home page has been re-done with a slider to each show, the latest episodes always available, and some top episodes below that which will rotate based on popularity and our top secret algorithms (basically, we choose some at random). It’s also fully responsive so it’ll work across all your devices, desktop and mobile.

We still have a couple of little things to add here and there, but we’re really happy with how it’s come together. Obviously we’d welcome any feedback or comments, and we hope you’ll enjoy using the new site.

Remember, you can follow us on Twitter @castawaymedia, we’re on Facebook right here, and on Instagram @castawaypods.

ps – Thanks to Colm Roche for the design and Alex Kirwan for the implementation.