The award winning podcast network


Last night at the Realex Webawards 2015, our 738am podcast – hosted by Andrew Mangan – won the best podcast category.

Obviously we’re delighted to have won, especially because of the quality of the other nominees in the category. There are no short-cuts to making a podcast, they all require time and effort, and perhaps a little talent (!), so we hope to see those great podcasts and more again at the next awards show.

It’s the second award for the Castaway network in recent weeks, after the Retro Asylum crew won in ‘Best video game podcast’ category at the UK Podcasters Awards last month. If you’re into video games of a certain era or vintage, and you haven’t checked out this fantastic show, you’ll find it here.


If you are a podcast fan, and I don’t say this simply about our network, there are certain things you can do to help support your favourite shows which, ultimately, are given to you for free.

Maybe people don’t realise just how much they can help by doing little things, such as:

– Subscribing on iTunes.
– Leaving a rating or a review on iTunes.
– Sharing the podcast to help it find new listeners. A Tweet or a Facebook share to say you liked the show would go a long way.
– Engage with the episodes by leaving comments on the website or on Facebook, the presenters/hosts always welcome your feedback.
– Telling people in real life, and not just online, to check out the show.
– If they do have a sponsor whose product or service interests you, using that service with the podcast’s own URL or code will benefit them.

It won’t take much of your time to do one or two of these things now and again, and it really will help the people who make the shows you love to listen to.

Thanks to all of you who have, so far, listened to the podcasts here on the Castaway network. We’ve got some exciting new shows in the works, so keep an eye on this blog for more info – or follow @castawaymedia on Twitter.