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Bookish – episode 2

Bookish - the book podcast with Bob Johnston & Shane Breslin

26th September, 2015 51'

Welcome to episode 2 of Bookish, and our special guest this month is Lisa Coen of Tramp Press, who picks works by JM Synge, Shirley Jackson and Stephen King for the “Trilogy” slot.

In books news, we talk about ebooks and independent bookshops in light of a recent report from the New York Times which suggests digital is slowing and bricks and mortar shops are bouncing back (manna from heaven to our two indie booksellers); we discuss the difficulties of being a small Irish publisher; and after the recent Man Booker Prize shortlist announcement, we ask whether the award is still relevant.

Angela Carter is the pick for “Second Look”, where we choose a book we believe deserves a wider audience; we sift through Anne Enright’s The Green Road for our book club discussion; and we pick out some new books and book-related events that are catching our eye in October.

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Bob and Shane

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