Episode 10 – Katie O’Riordan

Emma is the new black with Emma Carty

23rd May, 2016 48'

This weeks guest on the show is Katie O’Riordan, brainchild behind contemporary womenswear brand Theo + George.

Michelle Doherty podcast

Episode 9 – Michelle Doherty

3rd May, 2016

Michelle Doherty is an Irish television/radio presenter, actress, model and Mom. We chat about kids, fashion, festivals and of course shopping!

3rd May, 2016 58'

Corina Grant podcast

Episode 8 – Corina Grant

2nd March, 2016

Corina Grant is one of Ireland's best known models. She pops in to talk fashion, motherhood, the joys of blogging and much more.

2nd March, 2016 60'

Heidi Higgins podcast

Episode 7 – Heidi Higgins

17th February, 2016

This week Emma meets award winning Irish designer, Heidi Higgins, to talk about her label, her path into the fashion design world and much more.

17th February, 2016 43'


Episode 6 – Shauna O’Halloran

3rd February, 2016

This week Emma meets Shauna O'Halloran, the Editor of Irish Tatler, to talk shoes, lipstick, women's rights, balancing work & life, and lots more.

3rd February, 2016 58'

Rebecca Horan podcast

Episode 5 – Rebecca Horan

22nd January, 2016

This week Emma is joined by fashion journalist Rebecca Horan to talk clothes, shopping, style and a mutual love of Zara.

22nd January, 2016 39'

Cathy O'Connor stylist

Episode 4 – Cathy O’Connor

7th January, 2016

This week Emma chats to eminent stylist Cathy O'Connor who opens up about her fashion background before dispensing some great advice.

7th January, 2016 52'

James Butler fashion podcast

Episode 3 – James Butler

9th December, 2015

In this episode Emma chats to James Butler of MIF Magazine, TV3, and more, about his fashion likes, dislikes, disasters and beyond.

9th December, 2015 50'

Emma Manley podcast

Episode 2 – Emma Manley

25th November, 2015

This week host Emma Carty meets Emma Manley, founder of Irish Fashion Design label Manley, launched in 2010.

25th November, 2015 51'

Episode 1 - Annmarie O'Connor

Episode 1 – Annmarie O’Connor

11th November, 2015

In the debut episode of this brand new fashion podcast, Emma meets fashion writer, stylist and founder of The Happy Closet, Annmarie O'Connor

11th November, 2015