Emma Carty - Emma is the new black

I have worked as a graphic designer for over 15 years and was Art Director of Irish Tatler from 2002-2013. After having my third child in October 2013 I moved into working on various projects with Harmonia Publishing (who publish Irish Tatler) on a part time basis in an Art Director capacity. I also work as a Freelance Editorial Designer on whatever comes my way. You can check out my work on emmacarty.com

I have always loved fashion and clothes and shopping so after much persuasion from colleagues and friends I launched my blog Emma is the new black in April 2015. The blog consists of my outfits and how I put them together, celebrity style and what’s in the shops now that’s catching my eye.

The idea behind the podcast show is a desert island discs approach to a guest’s personal style. I sit down with people whose style I admire and we go through their shopping memories, first buys, the highs AND lows. We chat about what their personal style is now, and was back then, their wardrobe, wish list, who they admire and lots more.

It’s a chat between two lovers of fashion!