fair game episode 11

Episode 11 – Sport/Life balance

Fair Game with Emily Glen & Elaine Buckley

17th June, 2016 36'

On this episode of the podcast, we’re tackling a topic that affects pretty much every athlete in the country: The Sport/Life balance. We’re going to be exploring how Irish athletes at elite level contend with juggling rigorous training schedules and representing their club, county and country; all whilst trying to maintain some semblance of a normal life.

In order to do so, we’re joined by two women who are at the top of their game – both from very different sporting backgrounds, but both with incredibly accomplished careers to date and ongoing, and no doubt many sacrifices made for their sport along the way. A sharpshooter for both club and country, Anna O’Flanagan is one of the most lethal attacking forces in Irish hockey.

As well as running riot on the frontlines of major international tournaments with the Green Army, here at home she was pivotal to her club Hermés’ success in claiming the inaugural EY National Hockey League crown last month, scoring a whopping 29 goals throughout the season and taking home the ‘Player of the Tournament’ title to boot!

From one stick-wielding woman to another, Aoife Murray is a name that strikes fear in many a camogie forward – the six time All Ireland Champion and All Star shot-stopper has been protecting the posts for Cork since first joining the panel way back in 2004. She hung up her hurl after last September’s All Ireland triumph over Galway, but she just couldn’t stay away and has recently come out of retirement to re-join the panel for the upcoming Camogie championships.