Birch Hamilton - Not now, Cato

Episode 14 – Birch Hamilton

Not Now, Cato with Adrian Carty

1st September, 2015 58'26

On today’s episode of Not Now, Cato Adrian talks with the Executive Director of Screen Director’s Guild Ireland and the founder of Digital Biscuit, Birch Hamilton.

Adrian and Birch talk about what the Screen Director’s Guild of Ireland do, how they help the creative indigenous community, their affiliations to director’s guilds around the world, the booming TV industry, the proliferation of free and paid online content and how it affects film & TV directors and so much more.

Birch also founded Digital Biscuit, an annual conference in Dublin that celebrates emerging technologies in film, TV and multimedia and how the medium of story telling is evolving as a result. If you’re a fan of Digital Biscuit, we have some exclusive news about next year’s event that you are going to want to hear.

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