Ed Guiney

Episode 15 – Ed Guiney

Not Now, Cato with Adrian Carty

8th September, 2015 1hr 18'

On today’s episode of Not Now, Cato Adrian talks to film producer, co-founder and company director of Element Pictures, Ed Guiney.

Ed is one of Ireland’s most successful and proficient film producers having produced several commercial and critical hits such as Adam & Paul, Garage, The Guard, What Richard Did, and Frank.

Ed’s latest film ‘Room’ had its world premiere this weekend at the Telluride Film Festival and it’s already generating incredible word of mouth as award season begins.

Adrian talks to Ed Guiney about his career, his life in film, his friendship with Lenny Abrahamson, the making of ‘Room’ and the challenges and rewards of being a film producer. If you’re interested in film production or want to work in film, Ed gives indispensable advice and guidance on how to develop your talent, skills and how best to progress

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