Episode 27 – Greg McWilliams

Not Now, Cato with Adrian Carty

20th January, 2016 55'

On this weeks Not Now Cato, Adrian is talking with Greg McWilliams, the former assistant coach to the Irish women’s rugby squad who made the semi finals of the 2014 Rugby World Cup and who is currently the director of rugby at Yale University in Connecticut and coach with the USA Collegiate All American’s

Greg has quite the story, going from a sports mad teenager to wanting to pursue his passion and become a rugby coach. A well known and decorated player in his youth, Greg maintained and implemented incredible focus, discipline and determination to rise the coaching ladder.

Adrian talk’s to Greg about his career, his thoughts on the current state of Irish rugby, the drive and ambition needed to succeed in the professional rugby era, the psychology of sport, leadership, the sacrifices involved in in the pursuance of excellence and what its like to leave home to reach your goals.

You can follow Greg on Twitter @gregmcwilliams1

Listen to Greg’s band, The Howling Beggars on SoundCloud here