Damien Mulley podcast

Episode 28 – Damien Mulley

Not Now, Cato with Adrian Carty

5th February, 2016 58'

On today’s Not Now, Cato Adrian is talking with Damien Mulley.

Damien runs his own communications company where he trains, educates and teaches companies and organisations how to communicate with each other and their audiences. He’s a master of social, digital media and marketing.

Damien also runs training courses, seminars and workshops across the country along with being the organiser of the Web Awards, the Social Media Awards and more. An outspoken, intelligent, passionate and affecting presence on line, make sure to seek him out on social media.

Damien and Adrian talk about what makes a good social media campaign, what are the mistakes, the successes, what part digital plays in companies nowadays, how the upcoming election will feature on social, start-ups, job creation, the economy, so much going on in this episode. It’s a great one.

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