Episode 32 – Paul Hayes

Not Now, Cato with Adrian Carty

24th March, 2016 53'

On today’s Not Now Cato, Adrian is talking with the founder & CEO of Beach Hut PR, Paul Hayes.

Paul is very well known and respected not only here in Ireland but also internationally as one of the best connectors in technology communications. He has led the marketing & strategy for such success stories as Demonware & Havok. With Beach Hut PR, he has some of teh biggest technology clients in the world. He is also a mentor and has worked hundreds of start-ups.

Adrian & Paul talk about funding, strategy, start-up culture, product management and launches, marketing, social media, PR in the digital world and lots, lots more. This could easily have gone on for a few hours.

You can find out more about Beach Hut PR by logging on to

Follow Paul on Twitter @paulhayesman and @beachhutpr