Birch Hamilton - Not now, Cato

Episode 14 – Birch Hamilton

1st September, 2015

Adrian talks with the Executive Director of Screen Director's Guild Ireland and the founder of Digital Biscuit, Birch Hamilton.

1st September, 2015 58'26

Episode 13 - Paul Mallon

Episode 13 – Paul Mallon

18th August, 2015

Adrian talks with the Head of Digital Engagement for Paddy Power, Paul Mallon.

18th August, 2015 54'


Episode 12 – Amory Schwartz

11th August, 2015

Adrian and Amory Schwartz talk pay TV, OTT, sports broadcasting in the UK and the US, subscription models, TV ratings, Netflix and lots more.

11th August, 2015 1hr 07'

Conor McAllister - The Grafton Barber

Episode 11 – Conor McAllister

3rd August, 2015

People always need haircuts, this week Adrian talks to Conor McAllister who has grown the Grafton Barber brand to one that employs over 200 people.

3rd August, 2015 53'

Episode 10 - Mark Austin

Episode 10 – Mark Austin

21st July, 2015

This week Adrian meets front-man of The Minutes, Mark Austin, talking music, life in a band, the music industry and loads more.

21st July, 2015 55' 09

Paul Page - Whipping Boy

Episode 9 – Paul Page

14th July, 2015

Adrian meets former Whipping Boy guitarist and songwriter Paul Page

14th July, 2015 51'


Episode 8 – Patrick O’Neill

7th July, 2015

Patrick O'Neill of Wildcard Distribution talks moves, piracy and more

7th July, 2015 45'

Niall McGarry -

Episode 7 – Niall McGarry

30th June, 2015

Niall McGarry of Media is the guest, talking business, start-ups and more

30th June, 2015 1hr 28'


Episode 6 – Mark Little

19th May, 2015

Storyful founder and journalist Mark Little stops by for a lengthy chat about business, technology and innovation

19th May, 2015 1hr 20'


Episode 5 – Gerry McBride

12th May, 2015

Comedian Gerry McBride talks about comedy, writing and Waterford Whispers News

12th May, 2015 57'