Episode 10 – Ryan Tubridy

The Outerview with Alan Swan

16th June, 2016 34'

In this episode Alan chats to Ryan Tubridy, broadcaster with RTE, and host of the Late Late Show.

Claire Byrne podcast

Episode 8 – Claire Byrne

14th April, 2016

In this episode Alan chats to Irish journalist & broadcaster, Claire Byrne.

14th April, 2016 23'


Episode 5 – Marty Whelan

25th January, 2016

In this episode Alan chats to one of Ireland’s favourite broadcasters, Marty Whelan.

25th January, 2016 20'

Episode 1 - Dave Fanning

Episode 1 – Dave Fanning

11th November, 2015

In the very first episode, Alan chats with Dave Fanning about the hundreds of interviews he's conducted over his career, and what his ultimate goal from an interview is.

11th November, 2015 51'