Arthur Matthews podcast

Episode 42 – Arthur Mathews

Pod-a-Rooney with Joe Rooney

30th March, 2016 93'

I stayed with Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan in their flat in Kilburn just around the time when Father Ted was first being shot. Indeed I was at the recording of the episode with Gemma Craven in it “And God Created Women”.

So I suppose I was lucky to have met him before the explosion of Father Ted because otherwise I would have been too nervous to even say hello. Since meeting me and possibly because of that he has gone on to write on the Fast Show, Big Train and Brass Eye with Graham Linehan and without Graham he wrote on the second series of Big Train, the series Hippies and more recently Toast with Matt Berry.

He also acted on Father Ted and I’m Alan Partridge and was part of the spoof U2 tribute band The Joshua Trio with Paul Woodfull. He worked again with Paul on the hit musical I Keano and has written the novel Well Remembered Days.

He is a Drogheda United fan.