Episode 60 – Gerard Walsh

Pod-a-Rooney with Joe Rooney

18th October, 2016 60'

Dublin born Gerard Walsh has directed one of the most exciting independent Irish films coming out this year with his second feature second feature South.
South tells the story of a young man, named Tom, who is struggling with his father’s recent passing. After finding a photograph of his estranged mother, he decides to seek out the only family he has left.

This is his second feature after “A Day Like Today” and many shorts including “Is This It?”. He isn’t one to sit around waiting for funding if he has an idea. He just goes out and shoots it.

His advice to young film makers, “Don’t wait around for money, build an idea that you can produce with the means that are available to you. If your uncle owns an ice cream van, make a film about an ice cream man. That being said, if he owns an ice cream van then your actors and crew would be sorted for a bit of food, that’s two problems solved in one go” .