Episode 69 – Eric Lalor

Pod-a-Rooney with Joe Rooney

24th February, 2017 67'

Eric Lalor plays Cathal Spillane in the long running soap Fair City and is a stand up comedian. His first foray into comedy was a bit unusual. In 2006, as one of the participants of RTÉ Two’s Des Bishop’s Joy In The Hood, his first ever gig was filmed on his home turf of Ballymun in Dublin and broadcast to the entire nation.

Eric has been a mainstay on the Irish comedy scene since and has written and performed two solo shows Lalorpalooza and Here! No Evil. He has acted in RTE’s The Importance of Being Whatever, Love/Hate and Amber (directed by Thaddeus O’Sullivan for RTE).

Eric has also appeared in the short films No Messages and Breath In and appeared in the hit play Singlehood, written and directed by Una McKevitt and Dan Coffey.