Episode 70 - Christy Dignam

Episode 70 – Christy Dignam

Pod-a-Rooney with Joe Rooney

11th March, 2017 99'

Christy Dignam is the lead singer of the popular Irish rock band Aslan. His career of over twenty-five years has been characterised by numerous successes on the Irish charts such as “This Is” and “Feel No Shame” as well as recurring problems with drug addiction and recovery.

Christy grew up in the North Dublin suburb of Finglas. He studied the classical art of bel canto singing with teacher Frank Merriman at the Bel Canto House School of Singing in Dublin. At the age of six, he was raped by a neighbour. This continued to occur over a three-year period until, at the age of nine, Dignam sought help from his best friend’s brother, a man in his twenties.

During the meeting with his best friend’s brother, Dignam explained his situation and he was then raped by this man as well. Dignam later suggested his drug addiction may have resulted from the psychological trauma caused by these events.

I met Christy at his home in Dublin and was made more than welcome by him and his wife Kathryn. I could have listened to him all day and I’m sure you will feel the same. He is a national treasure or as Bono said from the stage when they played at the Three Arena recently he is “The Angel Of Dublin”