Episode 71 – Mary Coughlan

Pod-a-Rooney with Joe Rooney

27th March, 2017 65'

Mary Coughlan is an Irish jazz and folk singer best known for her rendition of Love Will Tear Us Apart, The Magdalen Laundry and I Want To Be Seduced. Her career kicked off at the age of thirty with the release of the independently produced and financed album Tired and Emotional.

She suddenly became a massive star and her career sky rocketed from there but due to severe mismanagement she lost her house, her car and her record deal with WEA and began to drink heavily. Her drinking was also connected to her abuse by two family members at a young age which led a suicide attempt at the age of 15 and her incarceration in a mental home.

In 1994 she received treatment for her alcoholism and since then has released many immensely popular albums including After The Fall (her American Debut), The House Of Ill Repute and Scars On The Calender.

After many phone calls back and forth we eventually met up one Monday morning in The Central Hotel in Dublin. Mary was just so open and warm hearted.

It was a pleasure to meet and chat with her.