Luan Parle podcast

Episode 11 – Luan Parle

16th June, 2015

Joe meets Irish singer Luan Parle who talks about her career and plays live in studio

16th June, 2015 1hr 09'


Episode 10 – John Colleary

9th June, 2015

Comedian John Colleary talks to Joe about comedy, acting, getting out of bed, & more

9th June, 2015 1hr 10'

Al Porter podcast

Episode 9 – Al Porter

7th May, 2015

Joe meets comedian and 2FM sidekick Al Porter

7th May, 2015 41'55


Episode 8 – David McSavage

27th April, 2015

Controversial comedian David McSavage visits the studio and gets an earful from Joe

27th April, 2015 1hr 21'


Episode 7 – Cait O’Riordan

20th April, 2015

Former Pogues bassist Cáit O' Riordán visits the Castaway studios

20th April, 2015 1hr 17'

Eleanor Tiernan on Pod-a-Rooney with Joe Rooney

Episode 6 – Eleanor Tiernan

9th April, 2015

Comedian Eleanor Tiernan joins Joe to talk comedy, music and more

9th April, 2015 1hr 06'

Steve Wall podcast

Episode 5 – Steve Wall

1st April, 2015

Joe meets Steve Wall from The Stunning to chat music and his acting career

1st April, 2015 1hr 08'

Joe Rooney meets Malachy McCourt

Episode 4 – Malachy McCourt

26th March, 2015

While in New York, Joe visits writer Malachy McCourt in his Manhattan apartment

26th March, 2015 1hr 02'

Fred Cooke podcast

Episode 3 – Fred Cooke

17th March, 2015

It gets a bit dark as Joe meets fellow stand-up Fred Cooke

17th March, 2015 1hr 16'


Episode 2 – Patrick McDonnell

9th March, 2015

Joe meets old pal Patrick McDonnell to chat about their careers

9th March, 2015 1hr 16'