Episode 42 – Arthur Mathews

Pod-a-Rooney with Joe Rooney

30th March, 2016 93'

This week Joe meets Arthur Mathews, co-creator of Father Ted, writer of Toast of London and lots more, to chat about life, work, career and more.


Episode 32 – Michael Redmond

5th December, 2015

Joe chats with fellow Father Ted actor Michael Redmond about comedy, radio, television, sitcoms and much more.

5th December, 2015 63'


Episode 27 – Frank Kelly

29th October, 2015

Joe chats to actor Frank Kelly, well known for his role as Father Jack in Father Ted, but a man with a long and illustrious career to discuss.

29th October, 2015 62'


Episode 26 – Ardal O’Hanlon

22nd October, 2015

In this week's Pod-a-Rooney, Joe meets fellow comic and actor Ardal O'Hanlon. Does he get an answer to the question that has plagued mankind through the ages: Oasis or Blur?

22nd October, 2015 79'