Episode 155 – Budget Games Bonanza

Retro Asylum with Paul Davies, Steve Erickson & Dean Swain

13th March, 2017 2:59:40

Paul Davies, Steve Erickson & Dean Swain return for a 3 hour long episode of the UK's No.1 Retro Gaming Podcast.


Episode 154: Live Play – Bubble Bobble

17th February, 2017

Steve Erickson & Mads Kristensen play the Amiga version Taito's classic 2 play romp

17th February, 2017 1:13:54


From The Vaults#1 – Sam & Paul’s Top 5 Footy Games

12th February, 2017

Paul Davies delves into the Retro Asylum vaults to discover golden moments from our past. In this episode Paul & Sam Dyer discuss their top 5 footy games looking at titles such as Kick Off & Sensible Soccer.

12th February, 2017 1:38:14


Episode 153 – Super Cars 2 Live Play

24th January, 2017

Mads and Steve battle head to head in a live play of Magnetic Fields classic top down racer Super Cars 2 on the Amiga plus they discuss the latest retro news!

24th January, 2017 47:42


Episode 152 – Simon Butler

16th January, 2017

Steve Erickson is joined by the legendary pixel pusher Simon Butler in a no hold barred chat about making a living as a graphic artist in the gaming industry.

16th January, 2017 1:51:42


Episode 151 – 2016 Christmas Special – We Have Questions

23rd December, 2016

Gather around the Christmas fire as the Retro Asylum team reveal all in our festive Q & A special.

23rd December, 2016 3:38:16


Episode 150 – Silicon and Synapse

17th December, 2016

As part 2 of our 150th episode celebrations, the guys look at some of the early games produced by the legendary game development house Blizzard, or Silicon & Synapse as they were once known.

17th December, 2016 2:03:48


Episode 150 – Mads Music Quiz

13th November, 2016

In part 1 of a 2 two part special, Retro Asylum celebrates reaching it's 150th episode with a music quiz!

13th November, 2016 131.01


Episode 149 – Brutal Games

7th October, 2016

Paul, Mads and Steve take a walk on the brutal side of retro gaming, playing five of the toughest games to ever grace floppies and cartridges.

7th October, 2016 247:27


Episode 148 – Time To Play

17th September, 2016

Matt Wilsher, Mads Kristensen & Dean Swain play and review P.C Fuzz for the Commodore 64, Turtles 2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Apidya for the Commodore Amiga and finally Road Rash 2 on the Sega Megadrive/Genesis.

17th September, 2016 1:38:38