Episode 152 – Simon Butler

Retro Asylum with Steve Erickson

16th January, 2017 1:51:42

Steve Erickson is joined by the legendary pixel pusher Simon Butler in a no hold barred chat about making a living as a graphic artist in the gaming industry.


Episode 151 – 2016 Christmas Special – We Have Questions

23rd December, 2016

Gather around the Christmas fire as the Retro Asylum team reveal all in our festive Q & A special.

23rd December, 2016 3:38:16


Episode 150 – Silicon and Synapse

17th December, 2016

As part 2 of our 150th episode celebrations, the guys look at some of the early games produced by the legendary game development house Blizzard, or Silicon & Synapse as they were once known.

17th December, 2016 2:03:48


Episode 150 – Mads Music Quiz

13th November, 2016

In part 1 of a 2 two part special, Retro Asylum celebrates reaching it's 150th episode with a music quiz!

13th November, 2016 131.01


Episode 149 – Brutal Games

7th October, 2016

Paul, Mads and Steve take a walk on the brutal side of retro gaming, playing five of the toughest games to ever grace floppies and cartridges.

7th October, 2016 247:27


Episode 148 – Time To Play

17th September, 2016

Matt Wilsher, Mads Kristensen & Dean Swain play and review P.C Fuzz for the Commodore 64, Turtles 2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Apidya for the Commodore Amiga and finally Road Rash 2 on the Sega Megadrive/Genesis.

17th September, 2016 1:38:38


Episode 147 – 8 Bit Rebirth

25th August, 2016

In this episode Dean Swain, Mads Kristensen & Steve Erickson discuss the current trend of modernising popular 8 bit systems of yesteryear!

25th August, 2016 128:30


Episode 146 – Revival Solstice 2016

3rd August, 2016

Legendary programmer Jim Bagley & the Sausage Factory's Chris O'Regan join the Retro Asylum team to discuss this year's Revival Solstice event and the unveiling of the Spectrum Next hardware which took place at Banks's Stadium, Walsall on the 30th of July.

3rd August, 2016 56:56


Episode 145 – Paul Rose aka Mr Biffo

28th July, 2016

In this episode, Paul Davies talks to Paul Rose (aka Mr Biffo) about his time running Teletext's Digitiser,

28th July, 2016 1:03:27


Episode 144 – Gremlin Graphics

5th July, 2016

Matt Wilsher & Mad Kristensen are joined by Mark Hardisty (author of A Gremlin In The Works) to dig deep into Gremlin Graphic's past.

5th July, 2016 1:54:04