Bonus Episode – UK Podcasters Nominations 2016/Revival Solstice update

1st June, 2016

The Retro Asylum gang catch up to discuss their nomination in the UK Podcasters Awards of 2016 and also make some announcements regarding the forthcoming Revival Solstice event that takes place 30-31 July in Walsall.

1st June, 2016 36:00


Episode 143 – Walter Day

28th May, 2016

We talk to Walter Day, the founder of Twin Galaxies, inventor of E-Sports and a Renaissance man who held the centre of the video game universe in the palm of his hand.

28th May, 2016 01:50


Bytesize – Episode 7

22nd May, 2016

In this episode we celebrate the 25th birthday/anniversary of the first Lemmings game by taking a look at the first five games in the series.

22nd May, 2016 38:00


Episode 142 – The ZX Spectrum Next

9th May, 2016

In this episode of Retro Asylum Dean Swain, Matt Wilsher & Steve Erickson discuss the newly announced ZX Spectrum Next, THE 64 & SEGA Megadrive Hub. Meanwhile Paul Davies talks to Henrique Olifiers, co-founder of Bossa Studios and co developer of the ZX Spectrum Next in our exclusive interview.

9th May, 2016 2:02


Bytesize – Episode 6

29th April, 2016

In the 6th episode of Retro Asylum Bytesize, Matt Lambourne & Mads Kristensen team up to talk about their favorite failed systems.

29th April, 2016 1:10


Episode 141 – News Wipe

18th April, 2016

Episode 141 of the award winning Retro Asylum see's the return of Dean Swain & Paul Davies as they finally dodge the demons of time as they cover the latest goings on of the retro scene.

18th April, 2016 01:32


Episode 140 – Guilty gaming pleasures

1st April, 2016

Come join Metz and Drisk, as they air their gaming skeletons and go through some of those terrible games they all quite like.

1st April, 2016 100'


Episode 139 – Desktop design

19th March, 2016

Matt Wilsher and Steve Erickson take a look at the music, art and design software of the past, and how it inspired today's creative applications.

19th March, 2016 105'


Episode 138 – Mega Shooters

4th March, 2016

Paul Driscoll and new presenter Mads DarΓΈ Kristensen take a look at some of the greatest shooters on the Mega Drive, including Gaiares, Thunderforce 3 and Gley Lancer.

4th March, 2016 115'

Legend of Zelda 30 years

Episode 137 – Zelda 30th Anniversary

19th February, 2016

It's the 30th birthday of Legend of Zelda - Paul Driscoll (AKA The Drisk) and Matt Lambourne take a look back at the game from its inception.

19th February, 2016 150'