Episode 150 – Mads Music Quiz

Retro Asylum with Dean Swain, Paul Davies, Mads Kristensen, Steve Erickson & Matt Wilsher

13th November, 2016 131.01

In part 1 of a 2 two part special, Retro Asylum celebrates reaching it's 150th episode with a music quiz!


Episode 149 – Brutal Games

7th October, 2016

Paul, Mads and Steve take a walk on the brutal side of retro gaming, playing five of the toughest games to ever grace floppies and cartridges.

7th October, 2016 247:27


Episode 144 – Gremlin Graphics

5th July, 2016

Matt Wilsher & Mad Kristensen are joined by Mark Hardisty (author of A Gremlin In The Works) to dig deep into Gremlin Graphic's past.

5th July, 2016 1:54:04